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Project Manager

The project manager is a specialist consultant that represents the client and protects their interests, assuming responsibility for the day-to-day management of the project and long term achievement of the client's objectives.
Experienced and confident clients may wish to run much of the project themselves but still welcome specialised technical support/ knowledge from their PM plus the skills of an industry-specific cost consultant.
Other clients simply lack sufficient time, resource, confidence or technical skills to take on the full time responsibility of organising and driving an onerous relocation project entirely themselves – this is where the consultant steps in, purely for the duration of the project - your "imported" expert.
The PM should be entirely independent so as to avoid any conflict of interest. They can be part of a large multinational firm, aligned to the commercial agent, or conversely a small boutique completely independent organisation. The choice of PM is entirely down to the client and the type of chemistry/ service level they desire.
The PM should operate as if part of the client organisation, sitting firmly client-side of the table, with the ability to make judgements, issue instructions and review progress on behalf of the client. As such, this role frees up clients to continue with their "day job", undistracted.
The project manager should be appointed as early in the development of the project as possible in order to...
  • Help the client develop their preliminary business case and initial strategic brief
  • Provide input into, or fully conduct, early Workplace Consultancy (to determine the size and nature of the ideal future space requirement)
  • Provide data to the client's Commercial Agent (size/ type of requirement)
  • Advise on procurement strategy and contract route.
  • Advise on a long list of suitable Design/ Construction firms, plus other required consultants
  • Advise on CDM
  • Help the client to organise themselves and identify key roles and responsibilities of the client team or a Steering Committee
  • Issue information and instructions on behalf of the client.
  • Develop a project execution plan plus Master Budgets and Programme

Looking for a Project Manager?

The PM will then go on, in conjunction with the Cost Consultant/ QS, to...
  • Build a Project Brief
  • Compile pre-flight checklist
  • Liaise with the commercial agent/ property broker
  • Compile a Detailed Programme, highlighting key events, the project flow and essential client decision-making milestones
  • At Building selection phase, provide technical input into the analysis and comparison of shortlisted buildings
  • Liaise with the Landlord and their team, submitting Licences to Alter
  • Drive the tendering process, including issuing PQQs and RFPs
  • Interview and question contractors
  • Analyse tenders and proposals
  • Appoint the successful contractor
  • Contribute to risk management exercises.
  • Drive value-engineering exercises.
  • Contribute to design reviews.
  • Validate payments to the contractor at appropriate stages.
  • Oversee change control procedures, authorising/ negotiating claims for variations to original contract.
  • Monitor and assess overall client programmes and cost plans (which may include items beyond the scope of the main contract).
  • Report to the client.