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Employers Agent/
Contract Administrator

This describes the professional acting on behalf of the client as Contract Administrator for the construction contract.
The EA may also carry out other tasks on the client's behalf, with the PM, including
  • Seeking instructions from the client in relation to the contract
  • Inviting and processing tenders
  • Preparing contract documents for execution
  • Chairing construction progress meetings
  • Co-ordinating the review of information prepared by the contractor
  • Managing change control procedures
  • Reviewing the progress of the works and preparing reports for the client
  • Validating and certifying payments
  • Monitoring commissioning and inspections
  • Arranging handover
  • Certifying practical completion
  • Compiling snagging-list
  • Issuing the certificate of making good defects and snagging
  • Agreeing the final account