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Change Management

A business relocation, inevitably disruptive, can be viewed as either a daunting challenge, to by some people be resisted at all costs, or a fantastic exciting opportunity to begin anew in new premises optimal to the needs of the business.
Either way it should be remembered that such change will have a big impact on everyone concerned, will often create concerns, uncertainty and fear plus put the leadership team fully to the test.
Change needs to be taken seriously and tackled as a phased exercise, employing clear communication and inclusiveness if it is ultimately to be successful.
An external change management consultant can bring an objective eye, tried and tested methodologies plus uninvolved judgement to the situation.

Useful tips for Change include:

  • Create the vision for change – through delivering a compelling message as to "why" change is occurring and the all-round future benefits
  • "Sell" the excitement and opportunity – a better future
  • Ensure that this message comes from the top-down
  • Manage and understand employees' doubts and concerns - remain open to disquiet and consciously address it
  • Actively engage in rumour management – tackle the nay-sayers
  • Communicate early, often and clearly – through say staff newsletters, workshops, intranet, mock ups of the new office and furniture etc
  • Publish timelines
  • Provide lots of opportunity for employee involvement
  • Have line managers provide weekly two way feedback
  • Provide support and training in the new environment
  • Celebrate success!
As Project Managers concentrating on supporting corporate occupiers and company relocations, Rockstone have a good deal of experience in seeing such exercises done well, and sometimes not so well. It is certainly something where we can provide additional guidance to help ensure success